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Taking the hard out of Travel with detailed Itineraries just for you. This is the Essence and Ease of Travel. Let us plan your Next Adventure.

Featured Destination


The Garden Island  

Kauai is the oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain, it is also the 4th largest Island.

Why is it called the Garden Island? It is dressed with emerald green valleys.

Kauai is known for its sharp mountain peaks and dramatic rugged cliffs.

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Adventure through the National Parks

You will find abundant opportunities to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise, see nature and such beauty. You will be able to hike to a waterfall and enjoy seeing wildlife all around. Head to a National Park this year!


Adventure in the City

Heading to a big city, you will discover history and culture, exciting sites, world-class restaurants, and famous attractions. Give the city a try, you might just fall in love.


Adventure in Europe


Adventure on the Beaches


Waipouli Beach Resort

Upscale Condominiums on the beach

Features: Two-acre water park and the Oasis Restaurant and Bar.

Waipouli is located directly on the beach.


Wailua River

2 Facts of the Wailua

 Wailua means two rivers.

It is said that King Kaumuali'i's favorite place to live was in Wailua.


Wailua Falls

Facts about the Falls

Wailua Falls is 173 feet tall.

It is located on the South Fork Wailua River. The waterfall was the opening scene of the television show Fantasy Island.


Rainbow Tree

What is a Rainbow Tree?

The rainbow eucalyptus is the only eucalyptus tree found in the Northern Hemisphere.

It can be seen throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands.

It thrives in a tropical rain forest environments.

The Expert’s

Guide to Airbnb's

Food Tours

are the way

to go

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Osprey Backpacks for Carry-on

When it comes down to an Airbnb vs. hotel, most people are starting to opt for an Airbnb because it’s cheaper.


Why, Where, and When do I choose an Airbnb over a hotel?

  •  Airbnbs tend to cost less than hotels while offering more space.

  • Besides the basic cost savings, the most inviting factor of Airbnb, is that it is your own space.

  • Having possibly a hottub or kitchen can be key with your family in tow.

  • Getting to choose something unique is a great reason to opt for an Airbnb. Example? A Teepee in Arizona. What about a covered wagon? 

  • Airbnb's tend to be cheaper in Italy than a hotel.


  • Check the location of the Airbnb you are interested in. Back alleys or far walks in an unknown location is not recommended. Paying more for a hotel would be worth it in this case.

  • Use the reviews and look at the Super Hosts. Reviews matter when booking an Airbnb.


*Click on the photo above for more information on Airbnbs.

If there’s anything we all have in common, it’s that we like food. Many of us think food is the best way to learn about a city and a culture, while others just find consuming delicious things to be the way we have a really good day. We can all google and try to learn about a location we are traveling to—we can be overwhelmed in a large city because we don't have a feel for the lay of the land—but in so many cities, the best way to learn it is to eat our way through it. Food tours take us to the hidden somewhere in a basement around the corner, while sharing deep history of the area we are in. We get to experience the 100 year old family run cheese shoppe and hear glorious live soul music on the sidewalk beside it. Take a Food Tour.

From Greenwich Village in NYC, Zurich, Rome, or Athens Greece, a Food Tour will tell you so much more about the city you are in.

*Click on the photo above and please check out one of my favorite Food Tours!

As long as people have been flying, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether carry-on or checked bags are the better option.  So, if you’re one of those people still on the fence, here are some things to consider in the process of your trip.

  • Convenience      Convenience of not having to wait for your checked bags.                                         - Convenience of not having to carry heavy bags all over Europe or whatever vacation you are on.

  • It's a money saver.  Most airlines do not charge for carry-on luggage. Free is the best price. Less money spent paying your airlines for handling luggage means more money left in your pocket for adventuring on your vacation!

  • No lost luggage.          - It happens.

  • You won't over pack.  No one ever said, "I wish I would have more."               - In many countries you will be going between trains and up and down many stairs and cobblestone roads. Do you really want to carry heavy luggage?

Welcome to My Next Adventure! Cozy Up and Read all about the places you have dreamed of traveling to.  Just click on the Menu Bar above and find SO much information...for "FREE"!! Once you've read up on your favorite destination, just click on "Buy Your Itinerary" and start traveling!


Keep reading above, under the "How do I plan a Trip", to get the full scoop of how I can help you with Your Next Adventure.  The cool thing? This site will provide tons of free information on so many beautiful destinations. Click on any of the destinations that you are interested in and enjoy all of the information! If you want help planning your next adventure, click on Buy Your Itinerary. You will be provided links, tips, and a detailed day by day itinerary to the places you have dreamed of visiting, but had no idea how to make it happen.


You just click on Buy Your Itinerary, browse the many different itineraries offered, and purchase it! Easy Peasy! I wanted to share my love for travel and make it affordable for everyone! So here we go! Adventure at your fingertips. Hope you enjoy!


How do I begin traveling? How do I plan a trip? I don't know a thing about Italy, so how do I research and chose the what and where? I have you covered with detailed itineraries!

The Garden Island has yet to be fully conquered. The majority of the Island is covered in a vast rainforest. The Na Pali coast is breathtaking and majestic, with its jagged raw cliffs and lush green coverings. You will find much charm in the small town feel that runs right into the rough and rugged landscape.

Snorkeling, sailing, and surfing abound. Turtles rest on the beach and waterfalls can be found just around a bend in the road.

Go. Explore. Enjoy. Beautiful Kaua.

The reasons to travel abroad are many. As if its history, culture and natural beauty are not enough to draw you; the cuisine, the locals and the countless number of sights and wonders to see would be more than enough to excite any visitor. 


Adventure in the Mountains

Mountains are awe-inspiring. They are nature at its rawest, mightiest and most jaw dropping form. Traveling to the mountains gives you hiking, biking, cool nights, white water rafting, and so much more.


Dreamy beaches, silky warm seas, lush scenery, and endless sunshine – these are some of the top ingredients of why to venture to a tropical location.

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