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Take to Adventure in Alaska, The Last Frontier



remains one of the last places in the United States where you can truly explore untouched and unchanged land in all its beauty. With so many breathtaking and jaw dropping natural wonders, it can be difficult to create an itinerary for your Alaska sight seeing journey. We are giving you our favorites, but know that there is much more to see. Our favorites could change because of this vast, amazing place that we plan on continuing to return to...

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Wilderness cruising at it's best.
Cruise Alaska
Book through the Cruise Line or Not?

There are times that we do book, excursions, directly through the Cruise Line and times we don't. In Alaska? We booked with local companies. Please see our links on the right, to the towns in Alaska, and you will find the information of the Company's we booked with. We were pleased with EVERY single one of them!




Alaska. Also known as the Last Frontier is a jaw dropping amazing place to visit, where the sun is out until midnight. It's overwhelming to try to identify or pinpoint the essence of it, it is vast and beyond beautiful. Alaska is BIG. How big, might you ask? It is the largest state in all of the Americas. It's roughly twice the size of Texas and three times the size of California! Here are some facts: Alaska is reported to have around 3 million lakes. Also...3,000 rivers. How about...100,000 glaciers. You will also find 70 potentially active volcanoes. And where is the tallest peak in North America, you might ask? In Alaska. Denali at 20,310 feet. Did I mention that there are 15 national parks. 


It's a place so big, it makes you feel small. This is truly the place to witness nature untouched. What better way to experience this beauty than getting out and venturing through it. Cruising through this vast land is a great idea, just make sure you get off the boat and truly explore! From the ever changing weather, abundance of wildlife, melting glaciers, active volcanoes, diversity of plant life, long daylight hours, and flowing rivers, the only thing constant is change. You could go 3 times a year and something will be different each trip. The summer season is short but the days are long. The midnight sun invites you to play in the mountains and then eat dinner at 9pm in total light. A sense of how the world was supposed to be sweeps over the landscape and it is just time stopping. 

"There is no other place I've encountered that has made me come more alive." 

Alaska has so many once in a lifetime moments. Whether you sail its icy bays trying to spot whales or helicopter to the top of a glacier, you're sure to come away with memories you couldn't have made anywhere else. 

It is crazy to think that half of our  Parklands in the United States are found in Alaska?  It’s not surprising once you realize the state covers almost 600,000 square miles. Mountains. Glaciers. Wildlife. You will find it all.

Everything about Alaska is huge. Alaska has the longest coastline, longer than any other U.S. states combined. Glaciers reach as far as your mind can imagine. What a place to take your next vacation. Hike through vast wilderness, where taiga forests full of pines and spruce stretch below the towering peaks. Sail by the icy beauty of some of the world's most impressive glaciers, from the Hubbard Glacier and the Tracy Arm Fjord. Take that Alaskan cruise and then choose an excursion that pushes you beyond your limits, you will not be sorry. Alaska. A don't miss adventure.






Weather and Climate

​The sheer size of Alaska lends itself to a wide variety of terrain and travel experiences. This diversity means you need to be prepared for a lot of change while traveling. 


The Best time to Travel to Alaska

It depends on your priorities. If you're interested in the Midnight Sun, the longest day of the year is June 21, when you can experience close to 20 or more hours of sunlight in some parts of the state. If you're more interested in the Alaska Northern Lights, the earlier sunset in later summer will allow more contrast and better views of this natural wonder. 


What to Expect

No two days will be the same, and you'll need to pack your clothing to prepare for temperature changes throughout the day. Think layers: zip-up sweaters, boots, rain jackets. 


The Climate

The climate of Western Alaska is determined in large part by the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. It is a subarctic oceanic climate in the southwest and a continental subarctic climate farther north. The temperature is somewhat moderate considering how far north the area is. This region has a tremendous amount of variety in precipitation. 



July Averages in Alaska 

  • Ketchikan   64/51 

  • Juneau      64/50 

  • Skagway     64/50 

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