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Central Park

Should I go?

Don't miss Central Park.

Wandering the paths to escape the surrounding bustle of the city, is such a fun and relaxing thing to do in Central Park. Some popular historical attractions include Belvedere Castle with its panoramic views, The Blockhouse, a remaining fort from the War of 1812, numerous statues of iconic figures including William Shakespeare, Balto, Alice in Wonderland, and the oldest public monument in North America, The Obelisk. You can spend several days wondering this beautiful park.

Check out the 55-acre Great Lawn, or several man-made lakes and ponds, there is just so much to offer. Cherry Blossom trees abound and there is also: a Wildlife Sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, and a 106-acre, billion-gallon Reservoir with an encircling running track (After years of going to Central Park, I just went to the is HUGE and beautiful), the quiet, calm Conservatory Garden, and the neoclassical Bethesda Fountain – known as the Angel of Waters.



Would you do the Carriage Ride?

Personally? I don't think it's worth the money. But, if you like that kind of thing than do you! I am more into walking, exploring, sitting down on a bench and taking it all in. 

*If you are older and unable to walk long distances...this would be a great option for you!


Can I Row a Boat in Central Park?

Nope. Apparently that is not in my wheelhouse of abilities.

What in the world? Ask my girls! They rocked it and had a great laugh at my non-ability to do this.

Shouldn't it be easy?

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