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Hi! My name is Jennifer

My Next Adventure awaits, what about yours?



I will create the perfect itineraries just for you. Saving you all of the time of planning your next adventure!
Hey, Hey! My name is Jennifer and I have lived my whole life in the United States. My passion truly is travel and I am excited to share it with you.

You have somehow ended up on this website and now you are probably wondering who this girl is behind all of these travel photos and places to travel.

I am a traveler. It's my passion. So far, over 30 countries and hopefully many more to come. I am also a wife and mom of 4 kids. 2 of my kids were adopted from Ethiopia. Ethiopia holds a special place in my heart.

I am a strong believer that, for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place, God made a huge big world for us. Should your heart be pulled towards a person, a country, or an experience… you must pursue it or one day you may live to regret it.

I don’t want to do regrets. You can’t have regrets if you know that everything you did at the time was what you wanted. You sure can have regrets if you knew exactly what you wanted, yet chose to do nothing about it.

I'm also a firm believer that, many want to travel, but they don't know where to start. Going to Canada sounds awesome, but planning it overwhelms. Doing a fun family adventure, somewhere new like Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, sounds really cool, but where would we begin? Italy? I don't want to do a huge bus tour, but planning for months to come up with my own itinerary is just overwhelming. Well, I will explain in a minute, but I have you covered!

I don’t think you can ever really plan your life, you can have ideas, but ideas change. Circumstances change. As do people, the world, and your options.

The key to life is to not always have to look forward to things, it is to experience and enjoy the beauty of right now. I believe this is so true. My sister in-law had many, "Let's try to do that sometime." Or "I will meet you half way between Tanzania and the US and we will do a fun trip...sometime." Within 8 weeks she was diagnosed and passed away from an aggressive cancer at 54. We just never know. So, I say, laugh, be spontaneous, be adventurous, eat that extra cupcake, travel the world, fall in love, be honest + smile at someone you don’t know.

Subtract things and people that don’t add to your life and keep those that have such value. Put God 1st. Love your family with all you have. Serve and reach the hurting and down and out, giving back always gives more purpose in this one life you are living here on earth. Realize right now just how happy you can be in the here and now and how happy you can make people around you. Know that you have no limits and realize you have no fears. A lot of people are afraid of happiness, when really it is right there in front of you waiting for you to simply choose it. One day you’re going to look back at your life, make sure you’re going to smile and wish nothing more than that you could do it all over again.

So are you one who would love to do some fun travel, but the planning is beyond you? Then I have the answer and that's that! Your excuse is now gone! Time to start traveling. Who knows what tomorrow holds. Let me take the guesswork out of planning your next trip. On this page you will find a link to a sample itinerary, check it out!

So how does this work? You browse all of the different trips I have personally taken and laid out, decide how long you want to be gone, and then you choose your itinerary. That's that.

There will be Airbnbs, VRBOs, and hotels where I've already stayed (either with my family, just my daughter and I, or with a girlfriend). For example, a Tepee. Yes. That's right. Maybe a family covered wagon? Sure. We've done it. A charming Airbnb with a view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome? Got you covered. Also you will find Quality hotel options, activities to book along the way, and places to grab some food. Oh, and family options, romantic options, or girlfriend options! Take your pick!


I have traveled the world with my entire crew and also just did some girls trip with my daughter and/or girlfriends. My husband and I have some romantic getaways that you might love in Puerto Vallarta and beyond. I have itineraries for all price ranges and desires. Are you ready?! 

Also, if you have any questions, I am just an email away.

Let's get adventuring,




Email me with any questions:

Itineraries start for free and go                   up to $5.99

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