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How do I begin traveling? How do I plan a trip? I don't know a thing about Italy, so how do I plan? We have you covered with our custom itineraries!

"I want to travel the world" is what so many of my friends and readers tell me. The thought is there. The want is there. Yet...I also hear, "I don't know how to plan." "I don't know where to start." "I don't want to go with a tour group, we want to be on our own schedule." "I don't know how to plan."

So, you want to start traveling, but you don't feel like you can. You might be scared, because you don't even know where to begin with planning a trip. Maybe you are fearful of the thought of just getting on a plane and going somewhere new. Maybe you feel like you don't have the time or money. So, another year passes by and you have not went anywhere, yet again.

I can help. Do you want to go hiking, somewhere Instagram worthy and memorable? I have an itinerary for you. Do you want to go to Italy? I have been. I have stayed at the Airbnb, that looks out at the Trevi Fountain. It is in my mind forever friends! I have did all the tours that I share. Now I offer, what I know has worked, directly to you. Not sure on cruising? I will tell you about each port, which ones we enjoyed as a couple or as a family. I will tell you the ins and outs of the cruise lines and which one we love better. Wondering how to dress in Switzerland in the middle of winter? I know! It's been tested and I had an amazing time. I will share my week with you!


I will provide links, tips, and that day by day itinerary to the place you have dreamed of visiting, but had no idea how to make it happen. You just choose your location, which itinerary you think will work for you, and purchase it! (You can check out a sample itinerary right here!

You might not be able to organize your own trip and come up with travel itineraries, lists, calendars, etc. Just thinking of it makes you super overwhelmed. I've got you covered. I am handling the prep work for you. Yes, you will have to create an Airbnb account when you click on the, already tried, apartment in Rome or teepee in Arizona, but that is the easy part! We have stayed at the location, and in less something has changed, we loved it or we wouldn't put it in our itinerary (we can not guarantee any changes of anything we have linked you to. Please read the terms, cost, cancellation policies, descriptions, etc. We cannot be held responsible for any changes or complications that arise from you booking with or on any site).


Now back to taking the planning out of your hands! I have developed a system that involves minimal planning,on your part! I am taking the stress out of hours upon hours of your time, being taken, looking up things to do, tours to take, places to visit, and places to skip! I've got you covered. I also will tell you about getting travel insurance, and just how important having it is! 

So, if you’re like so many and the thought of planning out every little detail of a trip stresses you out, here’s what you can do instead: Purchase one of the itineraries I provide and instantaneously I have taken months out of your planning. You can finally go! No more thinking about it, you can finally make traveling a dream come true!


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