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Northern Arizona/Southern Utah Adventure Trip

Take to Adventure in this Northern Arizona/Southern Utah

Adventure trip for a truly unforgettable experience! 


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Take to Adventure in this Northern Arizona/Southern Utah Adventure trip for a truly unforgettable experience!  

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See breathtaking vistas and crazy beautiful scenery and ride in a Hummer through Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  


The Northern Arizona/Southern Utah Adventure tour can be as a round trip with return to your starting destination or as a one-way trip with a secondary departure point. You can start your tour in Las Vegas or Phoenix. You customize your own trip to include overnight stays and activities before, after or along the route! What’s our part? We provide the itinerary with choices of accommodations, restaurants, and activities! Adventure made easy!  


On the tour you will travel through some of Arizona and Utah’s most beautiful scenery. You will experience the scenic Zion National Park and the Breathtaking Bryce Canyon.   


Read More about the Tour from: Las Vegas   Arizona 


You will also get to experience the beautiful Horseshoe Bend and the Narrows and dramatic non-stop views of hoodoos and arches. Stop along the way and also see breathtaking Lake Powell and awe inspiring Antelope Canyon. Bryce Canyon is a picturesque Canyon that offers stunning views, while the Narrows is a dramatic Canyon surrounded by High Walls. Zion is one of the most gorgeous parks in the United States.  


You travel on your own by following your travel itinerary. When you purchase your itinerary, you will also gain access to links for many different accommodations, restaurants, experiences, and tips. This makes planning your trip so easy. Trip planning takes so much time, we have already done the work for you!  


Travel tip: Traveling in the early summer or fall is highly recommended, since the temperature will be much cooler. You can complete the tour in 5 days, but we highly recommend that you take your time and spend at least 7 or 8 days. With doing this you can add on the Grand Canyon as well! 


By taking your time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery or participate in several exciting activities. What about rappelling or some 4-Wheeling up to an amazing gulch? You wouldn’t want to miss either of those, right?!  


One last tip: Dress in layers and know that weather can quickly change – it can get very cool in the evenings and quite warm during the day!  


Recommendation: We recommend FALL. Very enjoyable daytime temps and a fire for roasting marshmallows in the evening. That is the perfect scenario! 

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Full Itinerary



When You purchase your Full Itinerary, you will be emailed a link to download it in full. Get Ready for Easy!

Itinerary will Include:

You will receive a day by day Itinerary with restaurants, activities, and lodging options for each day. Of course you can go with your own lodging, but we will recommend and give links for lodging that we have already stayed at! Makes things SO easy for you.

Buying an itinerary takes ALL of the many many hours, days, weeks, months out of planning your adventure. Just take a little bit of time to book your hotel/Airbnb and activities. Ready. Set. Go!

We hope you enjoy your Adventure with My Next Adventure!


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