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Peekaboo Canyon

Take to Adventure in this Northern Arizona/Southern Utah

Adventure trip for a truly unforgettable experience! 


"Peekaboo Canyon is the place where natural beauty meets epic adventure. Venturing through a sleek colorful slot canyon cannot be done anywhere else in the world. 

 Breathtaking. The only word to really describe Peekaboo Canyon. The bright colors of the sandstone and the swirling patterns of the rock caused by centuries of water and wind are magnificent, a world like no other. Peekaboo is a narrow, mere slot in the hill, it has earned the “slot canyons” title. This is an amazing way to spend a day."

Peek-a-boo Gulch is a short slot canyon located near Kanab Utah. It is located on the Hole-in-the-Rock Road, 17 miles north of the town of Kanab. Peek-a-boo is not very long, or physically demanding, but it requires some fun climbing up and over some rocks and logs to navigate it's twists and turns.

This was by far my favorite stop during our Northern Arizona/Southern Utah Adventure trip. We ventured out on an exciting hummer ride through the coral pink sand dunes. Tires slightly flattened to guarantee that we would not be stuck in the desert with no way out. We then arrived at an opening in the earth. Yes. Just a slight crack, hard to see. Our guide stayed with an older couple, who were setting up tripods, he told us that we could go on ahead. The unforgettable moment in Peekaboo Canyon is when you see sunbeams shine in through the slot canyon for the first time. You just can’t get enough. It’s quite amazing. 

The copper-colored walls twisted around me in breathtaking patterns, and my feet – covered in red and gold dust – were taking me further away from the sunlight, and deeper into the canyons. As I descended deeper in, one step after another, I was convinced that I had found the most beautiful place ever. The amazing thing is, we were the only ones there (this is SO different than Antelope Canyon, where it can be very crowded). 2 people in a Canyon with sunbeams dancing off the walls. Simply beyond true explanation.


Fun Fact: If you throw sand up towards a sunbeam, you will get a full ray of sun from the top of the canyon into the sandy floor. Make sure you have your camera ready to take a picture right after you throw the sand. (See my photos on this page of this very thing). 

While it feels much more Mars than middle America, Peekaboo Canyon is a quick, easy, and unforgettable adventure in Kanab, Utah. It’s a little over one and a half hours from the Grand Canyon, and an easy stop on the way to Zion or back to Las Vegas. But when I say “quick and easy,” I’m not talking about the hike itself. Oh no. While it’s absolutely doable, getting there is quite the adventure – but the unusual, lesser-known spot is well worth the effort. 



Take a Tour. You will travel several miles through Coral Pink sand Dunes to get to the Canyon.Go in a hummer, you will be SO glad you did."

Fact: We enjoyed this tour and the tour operators SO much. It truly felt like we were lifelong friends. They were extremely knowledgeable and it was just the BEST day! 

  • It’s Dusty. Plan ahead and bring dark footwear like hiking boots or running shoes. 

  • Prepare to take loads of photos. You just will. 

  • Be prepared to be a lookout for one another while you go to the restroom. There are no restrooms. A turn around one of the corners will have to do. 

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