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The Amalfi Coast and its Exquisite Lemons

The la cucina Italiano will be found filled with lemons and the zesty aroma will overtake, in the Amalfi Coast region. I cannot imagine one kitchen, in the Amalfi Coast, that does not have a basket of lemons sitting on its kitchen countertop.

You are sure to come across the Sfusta lemon while exploring the villages lining the hilltops on the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Lauren and I were blown away by our first roadside fruit stand along the winding, harrowing, cliff top roads approaching Sorrento. The bright yellow, some cantaloupe size, lemons were just unbelievable. This larger variety is known as Cedro Citron. Some are as big as your head.

As we ventured through the small coastal towns we were overcome with all of our senses working in overtime. Limoni are inescapable in these cliffside dream locations. Negozio after Negozio was screaming yellow! Each shop was an explosion of yellow painted ceramics, lemon covered aprons, dainty aromatic bottles of limoncello, and lemon flavored soaps. We stopped for a lemon sorbet and meandered on through the cobblestone streets that were on fire with yellow delight.

A highlight in Sorrento was the Lemon Grove, I Giardini di Cataldo. The smell, the beauty, all right in the heart of Sorrento. If you are looking to experience all things lemon, do not miss traveling to the Amalfi Coast.

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