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7 night Lake Michigan Eastern Shore Adventure with Beaches and Lighthouses From Chicago

*When you buy your itinerary, it will be downloadable and printable for you to take it on the road with you. There will be links to directions,accommodations, and activities. Enjoy!

Pure Michigan...It's a real gem. Feel the sand between your toes, jump in the waves and hike the shores of a body of water where you can’t see the other side. Climb a lighthouse and be amazed by how turquoise blue the water is.

You have never considered a week around Lake Michigan? We hadn't either. I found $49.00 tickets on Allegiant to Chicago and we decided to go the week before school started back. We were not disappointed.

If you are ready to climb in an open air vehicle and fly through some amazingly huge sand dunes, this is the place to go. If that's not your thing, that's okay, there are plenty of other things to do. I mean, eating fresh Cherry Pie is pretty amazing as well. Whether you are single, going as a couple, taking the kids, or Seniors wanting to go take a scenic drive, there is something for everyone on this 7 night trip.

Adventure, relaxation, beauty, and surprises await you as you drive up Lake Michigan. I have made the perfect itinerary for you and it is FREE! See More Info Below!

I have provided this Itinerary for Free! It will give you a great idea of how all of the downloadable Itineraries will work and what they basically will look like.

Go to Buy Your Itinerary Above and Look for the 7 Night Lake Michigan Eastern Shore Adventure. From there you can put it in your cart and try an Itinerary for FREE!


This cabin features a GREAT out-    door space. Makes for a fun evening!

*Don't forget to pick up ingredients for s'mores and your hot dog fixins!

      Point Betsie Lighthouse

The Beach by Point Betsie Lighthouse
The Cherry Hut, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and                Pierce Stocking  Scenic Drive
                    Mackinac Island
         Arcadia's Inspiration Point
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